Aug 03

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Azerbaijan 2014

EGLogo-bigSevil Yuzbasheva, a professional ecologist and President of ‘World of Ecology’ realized that because there is a lack of available natural gas for some districts and villages in the country, inflated use of wood-fuel for cooking and heating occurs. Consequences are deforestation and frequent forest fires due to careless use of heating fires during winter thus decimating the surrounding area. In a first phase of the project Sevil conducted surveys and he found out that elementary school curricula do not cover topics on environmental issues – though natural sciences are taught. Sevil brought the results of the survey to the attention of relevant government agencies and the community. Now – in a second step – he wants to find out the children’s level of ecological knowledge and awareness – with the goal to change the education system for the better.

This will be implemented in 2 stages during a 6-month period. The first stage (over a 2 month period) will be the administrative side of the project; signing contracts with specialists, holding a mass press conference to inform the public, and the preparation of the environmental awareness exam etc. The second stage (over a 4 month period) will be the actual implementation of the study. The examinations will be held in Vandam settlement, Bum, Nij, Khirkhatala villages and Gabala city. After this testing stage the results of the tests will be processed and recommendations to relevant government bodies will be worked out.

Sevil Yuzbasheva a graduate from Azerbaijani State Oil Academy is an ecologist that strives to make a real and actual difference for the natural future of his country. Working to educate the future of Azerbaijan as to the importance of environmental awareness he hopes this will create a more sustainable and better life for the citizens and return the natural surroundings to its former glory. His motto is one of a hopeful message to the world, that although we face these natural disasters, it is not too late to make a difference.

Sevil Yuzbasheva’s project aims to educate the youth of Azerbaijan in the importance of environmental awareness, this in an effort to halt future environmental destruction.

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