Sep 11

Most companies are against individual accountability NGO Coalition held conference on “Improvement of EITI reports”

Conference on “Improvement of EITI reports” was organized with the NGO Coalition for Improvement of Transparency in Extractive Industries.

The event which was organized at “Ambassador” hotel was attended by the Coalition members, companies operating in extractive industries, foreign embassies, ministries and EITI Secretariat representatives.Coordinator of EITI Coalition Board, Sevil Yuzbasheva provided general information on the topic and mentioned the Coalition paid major importance on the improvement of reports.

Head of EITI Secretariat, Farid Farzaliyev disclosed the position of the Governmental Committee regarding improvement of reports and transition to individual accountability by companies. Appraising the activities of EITI Coalition with regard to the transition to individual accountability, he said the Governmental Committee also positively approached this matter: “According to our information, most of the companies are ready to transfer to the individual accountability. But all companies are needed to give consent to the matter since it is resolved only with the consensus”.

As regards the decreased number of the EITI companies, but their number being still 31 on the documents, F.Farzaliyev said he would revise the list soon: “Over recent period, some companies stopped their activity. At present, the number of EITI-member companies is 26”.

Afterward, the member of the Coalition Board and also member of the International EITI Board, Sabit Baghirov made a presentation on the international situatio on the area of increased accountability of extractive businesses.

The next presentation was made by the member of EITI Coalition and Multi-Stakeholder Group, Gubad Ibadoghlu. “Improvement of reports on EITI in Azerbaijan” presentation made clear that in fact the number of those companies who were against to transmit to the individual accountability: “Devon,  Chevron, ExxonMobil, Total, Petro-HongKong-Pirsaat, Azgerneft, Karasu operating company, Itochu oil exploration (Azerbaijan) Inc., Rafi Oil FZE, Shirvan Oil, Anşad Petrol, Abşeron Operating Oil Limited Commonwealth”.

State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic and Hess (ACG) Limited company stated they would be ready to individual accountability only when other companies support the idea.

Companies being ready for individual accountability are BP, Middle East Petroleum Company, Shell, Statoi-Hydro, Binagadi oil Company.

At conference, the spokesman of BP, Araz Yusubov disclosed the position of the Group of Companies to the matter.

The representative of auditing company, Moore Stephens – Hikmat Allahverdiyev suggested those auditing companies to be willing to prepare reports first pass accreditation.

The member of EITI Coalition and Multi-Stakeholder Group, Azer Mehtiyev in his speech, focused on the accuracy of the information. He noted that the primary focus should be paid to the accuracy and correctness of the presented information.

At the end, the conference participants held a general discussion on the matter and made several suggestions.

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